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Fringe Day Two – Sofie Hagen, neurology and steps

It’s day two of Rebecca’s marathon of show-watching in Edinburgh for ‘The Sick of the Fringe’, a Wellcome Trust project looking at the medical, psychological and mental health themes behind the performances. In today’s podcast, hear her talk introversion with fans of comedian Sofie Hagen, as well as reflecting on a shocking neurological sci-fi play called Grey Matter – plus obviously revealing how many steps she did. But who is tonight’s mystery celebrity spot?

And don’t miss today’s bonus podcast interview with Max Scratchman of Edinburgh in the Shadows.


Sofie Hagen is performing her show Shimmer Shatter daily as part of the Free Fringe.

20160823_143215C Nova where Spasm is performing a shocking play based on neurological screening and treatment. Sorry about the bin in the foreground, it insisted.



You can catch up with  Edinburgh in the Shadows until Saturday.


But there was one more show to go, although since there were only seven of us in the audience and it was not my kind of thing at all, we will draw a veil of kindness over it.

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