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Fringe Day Three – Katy Brand, brain science and pandas

It’s Wednesday already in Edinburgh (and presumably in other places as well) and Rebecca sees an epic six shows. This means there is no time to speak to anyone else for the podcast but she gets a lot of steps in her mission to Become Fitter while doing The Sick of The Fringe. Hear her give a walking tour of shows by Clean Break, Katy Brand, Fen’Harel Theatre, Jilly Bond & Julian Gartside, and Steve McLean.



20160824_134842The Box, where Home and Amongst The Reeds are showing.

IMG_2632Katy Brand’s show I was a Teenage Christian is on at The Pleasance Upstairs.

IMG_2649Hard-to-find Venue 13 where you can see Brain Matter(s) and Criminology 303.

IMG_2666Steve McLean’s show is part of the Free Fringe on the Royal Mile. And there’s another show after his if you don’t need to get home.


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