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Fringe Day One – Tez Ilyas, nuclear war and dinner

Rebecca’s keeping mind and body active in Edinburgh for this year’s Festival. She is one of the writers for ‘The Sick of the Fringe’, a Wellcome Trust project looking at the medical, psychological and mental health themes and issues behind some of the performances. Join her for a podcast on day one’s shows – during which she crucially reveals how many steps she logged as she got around them. More pics below, and don’t miss the bonus podcast interview with Tez Ilyas.


20160822_171939The Pleasance Courtyard where Tez Ilyas performed Made In Britain in an underground cave. Hear him speak to Rebecca here below and go and see his show in Bunker Two at The Pleasance Courtyard at 5.30pm daily until 28th August.


20160822_190903Inside Summerhall, entering the Red Lecture Theatre for Faslane,
Jenna Watt’s show which you can see at 7.15pm daily until August 28th.

20160822_211229Dinner to make up for the 19,000 steps I had done by this time.

20160822_225420But there was one more show to go, Novel Experiments in Living at The Space, Surgeons’ Hall, which is showing at 11.00pm on 24th and 26th August.

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